Joy in the journey!

Joy in the journey!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

"The Joy of the Lord is my strength!"

As I sit here in my bed, recovering from major surgery, I am reflective, and grateful. Grateful that I just got the great news that all test results, biopsies, and pathologies came out perfect. I love the word benign! It is from heaven to hear those words! This rest time has given me time to write, to put down on paper thoughts I don't want to forget. Thoughts that have shaped my year.

This year has been filled with many life changing events that have affected my entire family.
One of my favorite phrases is "I may not like what I am going through, but I love what I am becoming because of it."

This year has taught me things that will forever be etched into my spirit. I have learned to never say never. As I sat by myself in the waiting room with the doctor telling me that my mom was filled with cancer....I felt God's grace holding me up. As I had to be the one to tell my father, that his precious wife had cancer...God's grace held me up. As I was told I would need immediate surgery and it was the same surgery my mother had only weeks previously....God's grace held me up. Those of you who know me know how precious my mother and father are to me. In my mind they would live forever. When I got a glimpse in a split second that life was so very fragile, and what I would walk through with my mother would be a difficult first thought was "Lord, I can't do this!" His response to me was "Lisa, not only do you have the strength to do this, but you will find joy in this journey that has been placed before you." What? Are you kidding me? He wasn't. Not only have I found joy in some very hard places, I have found laughter....much laughter. I see the things that matter in life, and have learned to focus on those things. Life is short. Getting caught up in petty issues takes away the time that really matters...focusing on what is important.
I have also learned to quit asking the Lord, "why?" Some things I may never know the answer to, but I know His plan is good, and I know that what He sees as the entire picture, may be very different that what I see. His puzzle pieces of my life fit perfectly in place. My use of hammering each piece into place doesn't cut it. His picture is perfect. So I have learned to lay the hammer aside, take a deep breath and trust. Little by little I get a glimpse of the amazing puzzle He is creating in my life. The pieces of my life that were the hardest are some of the most important pieces in my life puzzle.
I have begun to catch a glimpse of the vastness of God's greatness this year in more ways than I can even begin to express. I have been blown away by that glimpse and realize I have only scratched the surface. He is my passion!
So for today as I am on my 3rd day after surgery, recovering....I am finding joy in the very deep place of His presence. This joy doesn't come from people, or things, or comes straight from the heart of Jesus. I pray everyday for those who are hurting to be able to tap into that life sustaining joy and walk boldly and freely through the journey that awaits.
We were not promised that we would never face hard times, but we were promised He would be right there with us, holding us, loving us, and filling us with the grace we need to walk through the journey.....with joy! The joy of the Lord truly is my strength! Neh. 8:10
I hope you have a joyful week this week, and I pray that you belly laugh! Oh those belly laughs just feel so good! Laugh away!!!!

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  1. Wow, Friend. Thank you for sharing. You are right. I am struggling to become and find healing of my own, right now. Just the heart, though, not the body. I understand broken dreams. I love you, Friend.