Joy in the journey!

Joy in the journey!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Yes Lord, I'll serve you......even in a chicken suit!

She looked up at me with sparkling eyes and said “I love you chicken lady! And I sure love your dog!” She then leaned over and kissed my cheek, and Holly even got a kiss too! My heart was full and in a million years I never dreamed I’d be a chicken suit with my dog singing songs with a group of senior citizens. But I was not surprised....only amazed at how God answers prayer.

I cannot begin to tell you the countless stories of God’s provision in my life this year. But I honestly think the most profound of that provision came when I wanted to help others, and needed a financial miracle to help it happen. I have learned to never underestimate God’s answers. And never be surprised....His provision can come in the most unexpected ways. (Even in comical ways.....go figure!)

My precious friend and I had coffee one day and the tears were flowing. She was hurting and my heart was breaking with her. She had lost her job and was overwhelmed. We prayed together and as I hugged her tight.... under my breath I was saying to God, “Oh Lord, I wish I had some money to help her.” “I wish I could do something!” I didn’t feel a bolt of thunder roll or a mighty wind swoosh through with a miracle, but I can tell you.....God heard our hearts cry that day, and He began to answer both of our prayers. I remember driving home with a heart of continued prayer for my friend, and I heard the Lord just whisper to my heart, “are you willing Lisa?” Willing Lord? I am always willing to serve and help you Lord!” Little did I know what He had in answer my prayer.... to help my friend.

It all began with my chicken suit. That chicken suit I have in my closet that I love to wear in the winter because it is so warm and cozy. Do I look ridiculous? Yes. But I love my warm chicken suit. It somehow makes me smile on those "hard to smile" days. So why was I surprised a chicken suit would be involved in God’s answer to my prayer?

The phone rang one day and it was one of my friends who was laughing at a picture she saw of me on facebook wearing my chicken suit. She said to me “there is no way you would ever wear that thing out is there?” Are you kidding? Of course I would! She is involved in children’s ministry and is a precious friend. She said to me “Lisa, I will give you $100.00 if you wear that suit to Starbucks and have coffee!” “I said to her....”You know I will do this, why are you going to pay me?” And her reply was “Lisa, sometimes God works in mysterious ways.” I started to challenge her and was immediately stopped as the Lord reminded me of the prayer I prayed....” I wish I had money to bless my friend....” This was His answer for me to help! I could give that $100.00 to my friend to help her!

Well you can finish the rest of the story I am sure. That one visit to starbucks in my chicken suit was the open door to provision to help my friends. I had a precious lady ask me if I would ever come to a nursing home or a hospital in my chicken suit with my service dog. She knew I had Holly because she had seen me there before with her. Of course I would! God was opening doors out of the blue, as only He can open! This was amazing and hilarious at the same time! A chicken lady with a service dog....that most definitely is creative Lord. Well it turns out that this combination brings smiles to many hearts. How can one not laugh at the picture of it all? Isn’t God just so creative?

As I sit here today writing this blog, I have tears in my eyes as I think about how He provided the money for me to give to others. I was able to help some dear friends in ways I otherwise could not. I didn’t have the resources, but He did! And He knew the reward I would receive was not about the money I was blessed with to help others, but the heart blessing I received because of it. How can you put a price on the smiles I saw, the hugs I received, the laughs I laughed with people, and the prayers I got to pray with those hurting? You can’ price can be put on that.

I have learned to never put God in a box. He will far surpass the limitations I put on Him. He’s bigger, He’s more creative, He’s always one step ahead of me. Weather you are one in need, or one who wants to help, I challenge you to just ask. Just ask Him for help. Ask Him for the provision you need. He will help you in ways you never dreamed. And I promise will have fun on the journey. More fun than you ever imagined! Take it from the chicken lady with a service's a journey that will change your life!

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