Joy in the journey!

Joy in the journey!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Overwhelmed or decide.

As I was running very early this morning, what was usually a very quiet run, was filled with the sound of cars, and traffic. It was 6:30 am! Then the two words hit me. “Black Friday!” Wow. One neighbor was running frantically out of her house, yelling...”Hurry up, we are late!” Her coffee was spilling everywhere as she tried to open the car door. Her teenage son looked at her and said “Mom, this is so not fun.” His arms were folded and he was not about to have a good day. I waved as I went by and she said to me “Oh how I hate the holidays!”

I began thinking to myself about the holiday season. To many this holiday is a difficult one. What may be Christmas carols and Christmas baking to one person, may mean sitting at a hospital for another, or dealing with the death of a loved one, a marriage, or even feeling like a dream has died. To some it may bring great memories, to others....memories that bring raw feelings to the surface that are easily buried during the year, yet rise to the surface during the holiday season.

Then I began to think about my own stresses, and how God was dealing with me. If there is one thing God is showing me how to do more when I am completely overwhelmed, when every task is too daunting, and problems seem is to go to the deep place with Him. I don’t have to shout out “Lord, I am having a pity party now....a little help please?” He’s already at the party and knows exactly what I am doing. It is in that place that I hear Him remind me “Lisa when you are overwhelmed, are overshadowed!” I am under His wings! And as I rest in His presence, under those mighty wings, that peace that passes all understanding wraps around me like a warm blanket and fills me with the hope that I can make it through anything! Anything! And believe me, there have been many “anythings” this year. Those wings have been there as my comforter. And there were days I needed Him to be my helper, my healer, and my friend. He’s been them all.

My prayer for my friends and family this holiday season is that when that overwhelming feeling presses in.... remember that you are overshadowed! When we put on the garment of praise under His wings, heaviness disappears. In fact it is easy to forget what we were overwhelmed about in the first place when we are under those wings in an attitude of praise. I have seen it work this year in ways I can’t even describe. Through health situations I thought I could not even face.....He overshadowed me. Through journeys I faced with questions....He overshadowed me. He will do the same for you. Enjoy this holiday season knowing you are in a very safe place where His arms won’t let go. What a wonderful place to be, under the shadow of the almighty. Makes it easy to focus on the one who gave us life. That’s what it’s all about anyway.

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