Joy in the journey!

Joy in the journey!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The day two father's came to my rescue

I will never forget the day, I was in the floor sobbing. I was a teenager and just feeling completely overwhelmed. Overwhelmed was an understatement. My self esteem was at an all time low, and I was angry. In all my anger and hurt, sitting there in the floor having a melt down.... the door opened and there he was, my precious Dad. He sat in the floor with me, scooped me up in his arms, and cried with me. He cried and he prayed. He didn’t know what to say in my fit of rage, so he just loved me and sat there with me asking Jesus to wrap His arms around me too. I remember he sat there for hours praying for me, and I will never forget how his lips quivered as He tried to stop the tears and hold back the hurt from his face so I couldn’t see just how deeply he was hurting, because I was hurting. That day was a turning point for me. I had two Father’s running to my rescue that day, and my earthly Father was there to exemplify my Heavenly Father’s love. My Dad’s arms were the extension of my Heavenly Father’s arms. Jesus knew I needed those arms so deeply on that day, and my earthly Father was there to cover.

From the day I was born, my Father has loved me with a love I really cannot describe. The older I get the more I realize how rare a Father’s love like his truly is. I have had many people ask me what it was that catapulted me into such a close relationship to Jesus. In fact I was asked this question a few days ago. I can quickly answer that question without hesitation whatsoever. It was because I had an earthly Father who adored Jesus, adored His family, and loved me so deeply, it made it so easy to see how much my heavenly Father could love me. The role my Father has played in my life goes so much further than just being a “Dad”. His example to me drew me to Jesus. His love and prayers throughout my life are the reason I know I adore my heavenly Father.

My Dad has been through the darkest of times with me. He never, and I mean never wavered in his love and support. When most Dad’s would have fled from the scene, He only loved deeper, and trusted God more. He is one of the most humble men I have ever met. Integrity defines every part of who he is. When I was left to face life alone as a single Mom years ago with a newborn baby and a 2 year old, my father stepped in and prayed and loved my kids and took on the role to guide them. To this day, my kids have the most precious relationship with Jesus and I know my Dad was key in that path of their lives. The same love and guidance I received....they received as well. They to this day remember so vividly memories of doing things together and how Dad would talk with them about the Lord. I remember seeing Dad hold my kids just like he held me when I was young. I am forever in awe of his love.

One of the most important gifts my dad has given me is his adoration for my mother. He utterly adores the ground she walks on. He has never spoken a cross word to her, and in all my life they have never argued. His affection for her to this day blesses me more than words can convey. I remember his hugs and love pats and sweet words of affection to her growing up. I remember the security I felt knowing they would always be together. Their love for each other really is undefinable. It’s so deep. Seeing this love for her helped me not give up when my dreams of marriage were shattered. He taught me to hang on! God had a beautiful plan for my life. God would not leave me and these kids alone and forsake the dream He had placed in my heart. And through his prayers and encouragement....I indeed met and married the man of my dreams. Almost 10 years now I can not believe I could love a man so deeply. He adores my children and together with our beautifully blended family....I once again, know I could not have reached this place without my father.

Dad, if you are reading this I cannot thank you enough. Because of you I didn’t give up. That day you held me in your arms when I wanted to give up....changed me in ways you never knew about. You have always thought I was beautiful, even when I didn’t. You have always believed in me, even when I didn’t. You have walked a very painful journey with me through Mom’s cancer the past 2 years, and we grew even closer. The harder life hits you, the closer you get to Jesus. Thank you. Thank you for giving me the most precious gift you could ever have given me. You gave me Jesus.

I have a Godly heritage, I have a wonderful legacy, I have Godly favor on my life because of the life you have led with Mom. The Godly choices you made, and the example you set have laid a path for me and my family that I am forever grateful for.

No matter how old I get I will always love hearing “Hellooo Sweeeeets” when I walk through the door! Oh, and the hilarious animal sounds you make every time you see any type of animal. If it’s a mooo or a bark or meow....or even a’s just such a great memory! (and you don’t even know you do it!) I bet you are doing it now reading this!

I love you Dad....thank you for making my life wonderful! Someone said to me the other day....You are so much like your Dad, Lisa. That was the hugest compliment I have ever received. Thank you.

Happy Father’s Day Dad.....I could not be more proud of who you are and to be your daughter!


  1. Beautiful, Lisa! Your father must be very proud of you. You are such a courageous and joyful woman of God. Thank you for all your fun-filled, faith-filled posts. I empathize with everything you say about your dad because I have always felt the same way about my father. I couldn't have asked for a sweeter, kinder, gentler father. We are both very blessed. Again, thanks for sharing.