Joy in the journey!

Joy in the journey!

Monday, February 28, 2011

My Day in the Wheelbarrow....

I wish I was an avid reader. I admire people who can just sit and read an entire book in an afternoon. Even as a little girl, I would not sit still long enough for my Mother to read books to me. I would just look at the pictures and off I would go! I am also one of those people who is a visual learner. That is why instruction manuals and I are not good friends. I think it is neat that God knows I am that way, He created me that way, and He speaks to me that way. There are so many times I wish I could paint the things He shows me in my spirit. It would be magnificent if I could get it on canvas! But instead He uses those images to help me through the journey with by day.

As I was sitting in the Dr. office today facing many unknowns.....I started to feel a little anxious. We were crammed into the waiting room like sardines and I could feel that others were feeling anxious as well. Immediately God reminded me of a story that I visually have held onto for times just like these. It helps me ride faith to new limits. ....the new limits that go far beyond the fear of the unknown. It was just what I needed for today, and those feelings of “Oh Lord, can I handle this?”

A traveler, hiking through the wilderness, comes to the edge of a canyon. Seeking a way to the other side, he discovers a big rope stretched over the canyon. As his eyes follow the rope toward the other side, he is surprised to see a man coming toward him, confidently pushing a wheelbarrow. Arriving on his side of the canyon, the traveler exclaims, “That was truly amazing!”

The man with the wheelbarrow asks, “Do you believe that I can do it again?”

“Oh, of course,” the traveler replies. “You walked across with such confidence.”

“Do you really believe I can do it again?” asks the man with the wheelbarrow.

“Definitely,” replies the traveler.

“Very good, then,” says the man with the wheelbarrow. “Hop in and I will take you across.”

Many of us look at God the same way we look at the man with the wheelbarrow. We say we have faith that God can do anything. Yet, when it comes time to get in the wheelbarrow, our faith begins to dwindle. I was sitting in the Dr. office today thinking about that very wheelbarrow. Did I have the faith to hop in? Or was my fear keeping me from the journey to the other side. God has never let me down, how could I ever doubt Him? Haven’t I seen enough of His promises to trust Him to carry me across?

I started thanking God instead of doubting. I started believing that God had placed me right where I was for a reason. This was not scary, it was yet another step out of my comfort zone to trust Him like never before.....that place where the miracles are. I took a deep breath and felt His presence right there with the “sardine” waiting room.

Under my breath, I prayed for every person in that waiting room, and hoped they felt that peace that I was feeling. Finally after an hour wait, my name was called.....I invisioned myself hopping into that wheelbarrow, and off I went, wheelbarrow and all. I knew who was pushing me was going to be a great day.

Matthew 17:20

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