Joy in the journey!

Joy in the journey!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Today God sent a miracle my way. Her name was Emily.

I was so honored to be asked to help with a special needs gym class today with Holly (my service dog in training). These children are not disabled, that word just doesn’t describe these children. They are some of the most abled children I have ever met. There was one little girl named Emily who wanted to run around the track so badly with all the others, but went very slow because of her crutches and could never make it around. We found a way! Holly walked beside her and the little girl leaned on Holly the entire way for extra support. At times Emily would stop and just wrap her arms around Holly and kiss her on the head. Holly was in heaven, and the connection between these two had me wiping tears. Holly worked like she has never worked before. It was like she was one with this precious child. The smile on Emily’s face was as big as the smile on Holly’s face. It was the first time Emily ever made it around that track! When we finished, the little girl grabbed my hand and said “Mrs. Lisa, do you know that Holly loves Jesus?” Choked up I got out a “why yes she does!” Then she said, “Mrs. Lisa, you love Jesus too!, do you know how I know?” I replied....”How?” And those big blue eyes looked up at me and said, “because I see your hearts, and there’s sunshine in there....that’s where Jesus lives....isn’t that neat?” “Mrs. Lisa, I love Jesus too! He makes me happy everyday!” OK, so by now I am in one of those ugly know where you are gasping for air? I hugged that sweet little girl with everything I had, and Holly did too! She had no idea how deeply she had just blessed my heart. After a morning with these precious children....I honestly don’t think my heart could be any more full. And I honestly love Jesus with a more wild abandon love than ever because of what Emily taught me. How could one be around a child like Emily and not want to love Jesus more? I asked her teacher if she was always this happy. And her reply was “She’s the light of the classroom”. Her disability hinders her the most physically, but her spirit makes up for it all. I have never seen anyone more alive and happy and abled in my life. I have thought about Emily all day.

It is days like these that remind me of how much I want to run from negativity, drama and strife. I want to focus on what really matters and never waste a second of this life. It is but a vapor, so very short. As Emily said I want to live in the sunshine where Jesus lives, and I want to make the moments matter. On the way home I looked over at Holly, and she looked at me with that angelic grin that only Holly can give, and I knew she was feeling that same joy I was. It was definitely a day full of sunshine! We were both basking in it together......

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  1. I'm pretty sure you don't have any 'ugly cries'! What a beautiful story!