Joy in the journey!

Joy in the journey!

Friday, May 6, 2011

God's heart for single Mom's....Happy Mother's Day.

It happened as I was cleaning the house today. A vivid memory I had not thought about in years. But today for some reason it came out of nowhere. There I was, in the 3rd row of the sanctuary at church, I was holding my baby boy, and my 2 year old daughter was sitting to my side. It was Mother’s day. I was wiping the tears away as fast as they they came. I tried to hide them, but it was impossible. It was overwhelming. How would I do it? How could I raise these children by myself? It was our first Mother’s Day together with my babies, alone. How could this happen? How was I left to do this by myself? It was the first time it really hit me. I was on this journey now with just Jesus, and my babies. And it was also at that time that my life changed forever. My relationship with Jesus went to a whole new level. He was the lover of my soul, my husband, my maker, my friend.....He was my everything. And by His grace He walked me through one of the most difficult times of my life.....being a single mom.

Today as I was cleaning, thinking about Mother’s Day, my heart felt such a burden...a burden to pray for those single Mom’s out there who are single for whatever reason, yet are giving their all to raise their children. I remember that time..... I remember that feeling of lonliness....the feeling that you just couldn’t do it another day. I remember wondering if God had forgotten where I lived, how did this happen to me? My self esteem was shattered. How would He put the pieces back together again? Could He? Would He? Would my children be ok? Did God forget those deep desires of my heart to be a wife AND mom? Mother’s Day....took on a whole new meaning for me.

As I was praying and cleaning and wondering why Jesus was taking me down this journey today, it was then that I looked at the picture on the desk......there it was... the joys of my life. My 4 kids, 3 dogs, and my wonderful husband. My favorite picture daily reminding me of the miracle God performed. Not only did Got not forget the deepest desires of my heart, He brought those dreams into fruition far greater than I ever dreamed. I held that picture to my heart today, and the tears started flowing. I thought about the past 10 years with a husband I utterly adore, and 4 children who all love Jesus passionately who are the joys of my life, and I realize once again.....just how amazing God’s grace truly is. He gave me the deepest desires of my heart. He saw those tears and heard the cries of my heart that Sunday morning years ago. He knew the journey would be amazing. He held my hand and He walked me through every step.

There is hope! There is restoration! There is grace! There are miracles! My heart this Mother’s Day is with all of you single Mother’s out there who are weary, who are overwhelmed, who are wanting to give up, who are lonely, and feeling forgotten. Oh friend, Jesus wants to take you to a whole new place. This journey that seems to be an endless, thankless one is indeed a journey straight to His heart. He utterly adores you! He sees every tear you have cried, He hears the cries of your heart. He hears! I pray this Mother’s day you are engulfed in the arms of the lover of your soul... Jesus. I felt those arms in ways that carried me through the darkest of days. I also want you to know I am praying for you. I want to encourage you! Hang on to those dreams you have. Hold on tight! He will bring them to pass in your life in ways you cannot even imagine. (Eph 3:20)

Mother’s are very dear to the Lord.....precious indeed. My prayer is that this Mother’s day you get a glimpse of the treasure you truly are! May this Mother’s day mark the beginning of your miracle journey! I promise, you will look back on this journey, and you will smile at the miracles God walked you through. Get ready! The best is yet to come!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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