Joy in the journey!

Joy in the journey!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Yes Lord, I'll trust you..."

Will you trust me Lisa? I heard that voice as I stood in the kitchen making coffee. Will you trust me? Really trust me? I knew that when I was asked twice....I better trust....and hang on. Sure enough that night as I sat up in my bed just hearing the news from Jordan, I didn’t even know how respond. Shock? Anger? Disbelief? Overwhemed. It’s one thing to have faith for a situation in my own life, but when the enemy hits my kids....whoa..that’s a whole different ballgame. Will you trust me Lisa?......there it was again. Sigh.....”yes Lord, I trust you”.

Jordan was getting ready to go back to Nashville after a wonderful Spring Break...only to find out that his apartment at school was buglarized. They took everything. Computers, cameras, all his guitars and sound equipment, ....they even took clothes. All his portfolios, all his books....even the childhood bible that had chapel notes and church notes from his life.....gone. “Will you trust me Lisa?.....yes Lord, I will”.

I was finding that the journey of the past months and the stuggles in my health were a piece of cake to trust for......but when it came to seeing my children suffer, being under attack...the trust came harder. I kept taking back the worry. As a mom, I spend hours a day praying for my children. I want to hang onto them for dear life. But as they grow older and are now adults.....the complete release of them to the Lord is a necessary journey. I released their lives and dedicated them to Jesus when they were babies....He carried them their entire lives.....He never let them go....He never will. I just have to trust. I was learning to let go in a deeper way than I ever had.

And just as I was tempted to pick up the worry about just hearing the news from Jordan...that still small trusting voice just said....”watch!” So I did. And you know what I saw? I saw my son run to the Lord. In a situation that was quite devistating.....he didn’t cry, he didn’t yell, he didn’t get angry......he quietly turned around and went upstairs.....and he prayed. He trusted God....with it all. “Do you trust me Lisa?” Yes Lord...I trust you! God had begun the answer from the very start.....inside my son. As a mother, there are no words that describe the joy in your heart when you see your child walk out their love and trust for Jesus......even in the middle of a storm.

We decided to move Jordan back from Nashville so he could regroup, reorganize, and get enrolled in another school here at home. We can’t even count the miracles God has done for Jordan this week. Far beyond what we ever dreamed. He is restoring bigger and better! We have seen Romans 8:28 come to pass! All things have truly worked together for our good! “Will you trust me Lisa?”

As I sit here, up early this morning....the house is quiet. I am filled with reflections of the year. It’s been a year of many hurdles....many trials and journeys that seem insurmountable at times. But I smile inside, because you know what? God showed up in ways I never dreamed. Many times He lifted me over the hurdles, other times He jumped them with me. Some times He coached me through them, while cheering me on. When it came to my children....He held them in His tightly as a mother does with her newborn child....and He walked them ever protected over the hurdles from the attacks of the those everlasting, strong arms.

I have learned this year just how big those arms really are. They hold my family, they hold my future, they hold my hopes and dreams, they hold it all. They hold the knowing that He is with me every second, through every question, and every hurt. I never want to leave those everlasting arms........”yes, Lord....I trust you.....with every hurdle Lord.....I trust you."

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